A Good Sign

So, today is the first day of my attempts to do the whole ‘following the dream’ thing.  Sort of, ‘if you write it, they will come’.  Last evening, on my way home, after a tough day, I am sure I passed a very famous person in the street.  She was perfectly beautiful, and very tall (that part was a surprise, for some reason), wearing a patterned summer dress and a thoughtful expression.  She was smiling vaguely, and probably thinking Great Thoughts filled with Big Words.  She’s a writer, you see, one I admire hugely, and she had passed me before my brain caught up with what my eyes had seen.  ‘Damn’, was my first thought.   ‘It would have been great to speak to her’.  My second thought soon overtook the first, and it was: ‘No, it would not have been great to speak to her.  It would have resulted in you being reduced to a pool of fangirl tears and squeaking ‘omygodiLOVEyou’, and thereby making an idiot of yourself.  You do remember how you acted when you met Neil Gaiman, don’t you?’  My third thought, though, was a good one.  It went: ‘Hey – maybe it’s a good sign, you know – the day before you really decide you’re going to write, you see one of your favourite authors in the street, living the life you’d love.’  And that warm thought carried me home.

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