Daily Archives: August 23, 2012

So, About Blogging…

Prior to this week, I was a bit unsure about blogging.  Not in the sense of ‘how is it done?’, because I had a vague idea of that.  My scepticism was more along the lines of ‘why would you do it?’  It seemed like a step too brave for me.  I was also quietly convinced that there was nobody, anywhere on any known or unknown world in any corner of the mapped or as yet unmapped Multiverse, who would want to read what I might want to write.  Already, however, I’ve seen some benefits – thus far, my journey into Blog-Land has driven me back to my beloved dictionary (to check ‘scepticism’; somehow, though, it still looks wrong), it has made me take time, and care, over my choice of words, and it has fuelled my conviction that writing is what I love to do.  All these things, of course, are important, for everyone, but especially for someone like me, who sees stories around every corner, and who talks to characters as if they were real people (aren’t they?)  This small patch of the web has shown me that anything is possible.

And, I know that there are some eyes, hopefully friendly ones, stopping by every once in a while to have a look at what I’m doing here.  That part is a nice surprise.  Thank you for keeping me company – I’m still not really sure where I’m going, so it’s nice to have someone to chat to as the path stretches out before us.

Happy Thursday.  Let’s hope Thor is in a good mood today… if the sky outside is any indicator, though, he’s feeling pretty grim!