Daily Archives: September 4, 2012

Felled in my Prime

So, I may have mumps.  Blech.  I thought I was immune, but nobody can remember if I ever had a booster shot as a child, because it’s so far back in the mists of time.  I’ve just been to see a very friendly doctor, and had my blood taken (yeeeuch) by a truly wonderful nurse, and we’ll know in three weeks.  By which time, the mumps – if indeed they ever were – will have long departed.  Funny, that.

So, I’m (practically) under doctor’s orders not to do any work today.  This is a shame, because yesterday my writing was going so well, and I was really looking forward to continuing with it today.  You might remember I blogged the other day about my plot deciding it had a mind of its own; well, turns out it was the best thing that could have happened to my current project.  When I realised I’d overlooked a ready-made antagonist, and that I was trying too hard to make my heroine into a ‘sweet little girl’ type when she really wanted to be badass, the writing just started to flow, almost by itself.  It was funny, how I felt like I was just sitting there taking dictation instead of actually creating.  (I mean, I was creating, of course, but it felt a lot like having fun).

So, I’m taking a short period of enforced leave.  I really don’t want to, but I think it might be for the best.  Sometimes, your body just gives you a clear ‘You Need Rest’ message, and who am I to argue?  I hope you’re all having a happy, healthy and productive day, and that your writing (if you’re currently working on something) flows today.  If it’s not flowing, maybe you could sit down and have a serious chat with your characters?  It worked for me!


A Strange Thing happened to me this morning…

So, this morning I woke up with a completely round face.  As in, I had gained two rather large and quite unfetching swellings on either side of my jaw, just below my ears.  I had, in fact, woken during the night and noticed that my face felt strange, but I decided I’d just have to worry about it in the morning.

And then, I woke up looking like the Woman in the Moon.

Besides this, I feel fine – I have no pain, normal energy levels, and everything else – but it’s still a little bit disconcerting to look in the mirror and have another person’s face look back at you.  Of course, the writer in me thrilled a little at this idea, but the human being in me looked and said ‘Uh-oh – time to get thee to a medical professional’.  So, that’s the plan for today.  I’m going to have a cup of tea (because there’s nothing like tea for making the whole world seem brighter), and hotfoot it down to the chemist (pharmacist, apothecary, drugstore, whatever you’re having yourself) as soon as it opens.

I don’t know if sudden facial swelling can be brought on by finishing your major rewrites and also hitting your word target all in one day, as was the case yesterday, but I do think maybe I’m being told to take it easy.  Something says I will be on bed-rest, with my copy of ‘The Daylight Gate’, until further notice!  I hope you’re all in the pink, and that your Tuesday is the best Tuesday it can possibly be.  I’ll keep you updated on my moon-faced progress.

P.S. If anyone has any ideas about what could be afflicting me, let’s be having ’em!