Felled in my Prime

So, I may have mumps.  Blech.  I thought I was immune, but nobody can remember if I ever had a booster shot as a child, because it’s so far back in the mists of time.  I’ve just been to see a very friendly doctor, and had my blood taken (yeeeuch) by a truly wonderful nurse, and we’ll know in three weeks.  By which time, the mumps – if indeed they ever were – will have long departed.  Funny, that.

So, I’m (practically) under doctor’s orders not to do any work today.  This is a shame, because yesterday my writing was going so well, and I was really looking forward to continuing with it today.  You might remember I blogged the other day about my plot deciding it had a mind of its own; well, turns out it was the best thing that could have happened to my current project.  When I realised I’d overlooked a ready-made antagonist, and that I was trying too hard to make my heroine into a ‘sweet little girl’ type when she really wanted to be badass, the writing just started to flow, almost by itself.  It was funny, how I felt like I was just sitting there taking dictation instead of actually creating.  (I mean, I was creating, of course, but it felt a lot like having fun).

So, I’m taking a short period of enforced leave.  I really don’t want to, but I think it might be for the best.  Sometimes, your body just gives you a clear ‘You Need Rest’ message, and who am I to argue?  I hope you’re all having a happy, healthy and productive day, and that your writing (if you’re currently working on something) flows today.  If it’s not flowing, maybe you could sit down and have a serious chat with your characters?  It worked for me!


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