Daily Archives: September 19, 2012

A Brief Note

Today’s blog will be short.


Well, not quite that short.  My parents are currently visiting me, and I’m typing this as I wait for them to wake up, get ready and face their public.  It’s wonderful to have them here – it’s been a very long time since I saw them last, and I’ve missed them terribly.  I won’t get any work done today, but I’ve realised it doesn’t really matter; there are things more important than work.  And that goes for everybody. I’m not sitting down at my desk saving the world every day – I do understand that.  But, even in terms of my small contribution to the sum of human existence, there has to come a point where you understand that you’ve got to prioritise correctly.  I don’t have the mindset of a person for whom work takes centre stage in their daily life – that’s not to say I’m lazy, because I do give work the limelight, focus and time that it is due.  I just know that when my husband comes home, the computer goes off, and when somebody important calls over, the work goes on the back burner.

This attitude might have been influenced by the fact that I hit the 80,000 word mark yesterday.  That word count was my original target, but now that I’ve reached it, I find myself with plenty more story to tell.  I suppose it’s better to have run out of words with more story still in the tank, than to have run out of story with loads of words still to go!  I really feel as though I’ve achieved something, and it’s quite an amazing feeling to see a tangible result from all the work I’ve put in.  I now have page after page of story, happily waiting to be read, and what’s even better is I know how to bring the story to its conclusion – I don’t have to do it all today, because that knowledge isn’t going anywhere.  It’ll quite easily wait until tomorrow.  In fact, I’ve often found that the best ideas I’ve had for this book have come to me when I wasn’t directly working on it, so sometimes taking a break from it can be the best thing I can do at the time.

I feel as though I’m a different person from the one who faced a blank page this time four weeks ago.  I could never have imagined I’d already have 80,000 words of my novel completed, in a first draft.  I know that there are huge changes still to be wrought on this work of mine – I need to introduce a whole new character, for instance, and give her some back story.  She suggested herself to me as I wrote, introducing herself as a perfect solution to several small plot themes, almost like she was applying for a job.  She even gave me her name, and outlined her skill set for me.  In some ways, I do feel like her employer.  It has taken me by surprise so often during the writing of this book how my characters feel, think and act just like real people; it’s like this character was hanging around in my brain, frequenting the darker corners, getting herself into trouble – until she saw the perfect opening in this story for someone of her abilities, got herself scrubbed up and strolled into ‘my office’ bearing her credentials, and boldly asked me to give her a fair chance.  I think she’ll be worth the risk.  Funnily enough, she appeared in my head over the course of last weekend, when I was hundreds of miles away from my computer and my work desk!

But hark! What noise in yonder upstairs floorboards creaks? It is the east, and my parents are rising like the sun.  *ahem*

It’s time to prioritise.  If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get breakfast ready for my very important guests (and it will look just like this, of course)!