Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

When Writing Goes Bad…

It’s Friday. It’s bright outside (for the moment). I’m going to a friend’s birthday celebration at the weekend. All these are good things, and worth focusing on. It’s important to keep your eyes on happy things when you feel like you’re struggling with something.

So, writing my Draft 2 is hard. Really, really hard. As I said yesterday, lots needs to be changed in this WiP of mine – I was in such a rush to get the story out last time that I didn’t take enough time to build the world correctly, or develop my protagonist as fully as I should have. I suppose that’s why it’s called a first draft! I’m rewriting some scenes and rethinking some key plot moments, and I suppose at the moment I’m just working through these changes and trying to get them straight in my mind, and the only way I can really do that is by writing. I know a lot of the words I’m currently writing will eventually be cut, but the effort I’m making does have value insofar as it’s showing me what’s working and what’s not working (at least, I hope so). It’s slow going, and I feel like I’m unpicking a lot of work I sweated over a few weeks and months ago, but I know there’s no other way it can be done.

I know I only have a little struggle to face today – a small mountain to climb. Others in the world have far more to deal with today than I do, and I’m grateful for my own troubles. My thoughts today are with the victims of Superstorm Sandy, the people affected by the scandals in the BBC (I can’t bring myself to type the names of the ‘stars’ involved), and the families of Erin Gallagher and Ciara Pugsley.

I’m going to keep this blog brief today, and leave you with an image of one of the only things in the world that’s always guaranteed to make me happy:

Take this wise baby’s advice, and go find someone to laugh with! And have a wonderful, happy and peaceful weekend. Thanks for reading.