Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

Nothing For It…

I’m under pressure today.

I‘ve proven to myself that even a book which someone spends months on plotting, planning, preparing for and thinking about can still need so much work to bring it to a proper conclusion. I know all this, because it’s happening to me right now!

My brain is working overtime, thinking of better ways to structure scenes, and more efficient ways to structure the entire plot. I’m going to make some changes which will bring the character where she needs to be in a quicker, more exciting and less wordy fashion – ‘less wordy’ being the most important bit, of course! It’s not as bad as it sounds, really. I have everything I need already – I just need to change a few scenes around and lose one or two overly descriptive, overly obvious parts.

I’m a bit sorry that this breakthrough didn’t happen a bit earlier, but I think my brain needed to be in its current space – i.e. ready, willing and able to see my book not as a precious and treasured creation, but as a crazily long document that needs a serious prune – before it had the freedom to embark upon these changes.

As a result, I must fly! There’s nothing for it, but to knuckle under and get the work done, just like this lady. And then, hopefully, I’ll be able to do a bit of singing.

Image: starpulse.com

Image: starpulse.com