The Importance of Trust

I’ll keep it brief today. It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning here in Eire-Land, and I’m sure we all have things to be getting on with. I’m looking forward to welcoming a friend to my home later today and giving her a restful weekend where she will be looked after and pampered, so I’ll be happily, busily preparing for that today.

Just like this!Image:

Just like this!

I just wanted to write a quick note about Trust, and how important it is, and how it still has a place in this world of ours despite all the hatred and suspicion that we have to live with on a daily basis. Doing anything creative involves a huge amount of trust – we have to trust ourselves, for a start, that we know what we’re doing when we follow the call to create. We have to trust other people to allow us the space we need to do whatever it is we have to do. We have to trust them not to sabotage us, or not to undermine us – even when they mean well. We have to trust our audience, that their taste will lead them towards our work and that they’ll enjoy it enough to spread the word; we have to trust that our efforts to create something will inspire others to do the same, and that a cycle of newness will be kickstarted from our one moment of bravery.

And we have to be able to trust that people will help us, if we ask them to.

I’ve just watched a TED talk, given by the luminously talented Amanda Palmer, where she talks about this very thing. I won’t attempt to paraphrase her words, but I’ll just leave this link here:

and hope that it works.

Amanda Palmer’s talk is short enough to watch in one sitting, but (like everything she does) it’s full of honesty and love, and shot through with humour and a sense of freedom like very few other artists possess. I like her music, but more than that I respect her as an artist, and as a person. Her talk mentions how she learned to trust her audience while working as a street performer, and how she took that trust through to her later music career. When she asked for help to make an album, she was rewarded beyond anything she could have imagined – she says it’s because she connected with her audience, and trusted them to catch her when she took a leap of faith.

If only we were all so brave.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Trust

  1. Maurice A. Barry

    Down through the years and through (sometimes bitter) experience we learn who we can, and who we cannot trust. I believe two things about trust: (1) it’s better when you learn to offer it, not to wait for it to just happen and (2) sometimes this leads to bruises; bloody noses but, in time, they heal and we are stronger.
    Yes, the day begins. it’s 9:40am local time. I am -3.5 h from you but have been writing since 6:30. Time to move on…

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      I think you’ve pretty much summed up Amanda Palmer’s message in her TED talk! I admire her bravery in offering her trust to others, and her resilience in the face of those who would abuse that trust. But – as she makes clear – the rewards of living your life by trusting others can far outweigh any risks.

      I hope you’re going to take a rest and enjoy your Saturday? 🙂 Thanks for paying me another visit.

  2. aanderand

    Hello there! I thought I would drop in and share my coffee with you this Sunday morning. There are times during the week when I wish I could do the same and catch up on how things are going.
    Anyway, yes Amanda’s TED talk came off marvelous and I was so happy for her. It gave me a new vision about what trust can do for an idea or your efforts, if you will let it. To me the type of trust Amanda talks about is very close to the concept of agrape, in other words love in a most unconditional way.
    I have been wanting to tell you that I read the Eldritch posts and I like the story and I hope to see the rest of it someday.
    I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and the week ahead goes well.

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      Thank you, Rand! It’s great to ‘see’ you. I was so impressed with Amanda’s TED talk; I couldn’t wait to see it, and I’ve watched it three times now. I’m not sure what it is about her, but everything she does just sings of honesty and truth. Long may she run.

      Thank you for your good Sunday wishes – I had a wonderful Sunday, thank you. A lovely lunch (which I didn’t have to cook or clean up after), a long sunshine-y walk by the canal, and then a contented evening by the fire. What more could a gal ask for?

      Have a lovely week yourself. 🙂


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