So. I set up a Tumblr blog.

Ever since I did so, I’ve been looking at it little like this:

*bok?* *boooook?* Yes, exactly, Mr. Chicken. Exactly. Image: flickr.com

*bok?* *boooook?* Yes, exactly, Mr. Chicken. Exactly.
Image: flickr.com

It’s difficult for a person like me, who grew up in the Stone Age, to keep up with all this progress. I had just barely managed to get a handle on Facebook when suddenly Twitter burst on the scene; I resisted for years, but eventually caved. Now, every time I turn on my computer there’s some new and largely terrifying-looking technology staring me in the face, trying to convince me my life is meaningless without it. I’m finding Tumblr tough, I’ve got to say – it requires a level of coolness that I don’t think I possess. Not yet, at least. And as for Vine? Don’t even ask me. I set up a Pinterest page a while back, too – or, well, I opened a Pinterest account, which isn’t quite the same thing as pretending to have a Pinterest page, really – which also bamboozles me.

All of these have different passwords, too, of course. Sometimes I feel like a modern chatelaine, except my keys aren’t hanging from my belt – they’re rattling around inside my skull instead.

This is my chatelaine, because I am the *boss*, all right? All right. Image: nps.gov

This is my chatelaine, because I am the *boss*, all right? All right.
Image: nps.gov

Because my skull can be a bit porous when it comes to remembering things like passwords, though, I have them all written down on random scraps of paper, masquerading under codenames, too – I must get them all together, one of these days, so I don’t have to scramble around for half an hour to find a password simply in order to spent five seconds on a particular website. Every time this happens, I tell myself not to let it happen again, and yet it does, repeatedly – as soon as the search is over, you see, the decision to put away the password gets forgotten again. For a person whose working day is largely self-directed, I can at times be the most unorganised klutz in existence. At other times, however, I am more efficient than a cuckoo-clock factory, so let’s hope they balance one another out most of the time.

The benefits of Tumblr – at least, the ones I’ve seen so far – are many. It’s sort of a cross between a blog, Twitter and Pinterest, insofar as you can put up really small blog posts – more like thoughts, really – and you can ‘reblog’ images or .gifs or quotes or whatever you like from other Tumblr users. Because it seems a little less formal a space than WordPress, I went a little bit loopy yesterday and posted a poem to my Tumblr blog, one I wrote myself; it was an experiment, more than anything else, to see how it would appear on the site once I’d posted it. It taught me a lot about how to keep your temper when a document’s formatting won’t appear the way you want it, and how far my patience goes when something just won’t work, and the point at which I’m prepared to sacrifice my artistic vision in order to just get something to post to a website.

(For those who are interested: I’m not very good at keeping my temper when a document’s formatting won’t work; my patience (stretched thin at the best of times) doesn’t go very far when technological stuff refuses to cooperate, and I’m prepared to throw in the artistic vision towel pretty quickly if it means I can wriggle out of trying to figure out things beyond my intelligence level and get back to reading, or writing, or something else I enjoy. So, now you know.)

Anyway, so – a poem. Yeah. Written by me. I really enjoy poetry, but writing it is not my forté, at all. I love to read it, and some of my favourite books are collections of poetry – Sylvia Plath’s ‘Ariel’, for instance, which I often just dip into for the sheer beauty of it – and I marvel at how a good poet can make the whole world shimmer as you read. Anyway, if you do take the long and arduous trip over to my Tumblr blog, and you read the poem, don’t be expecting Sylvia Plath, is all I’ll say, but if you do read it I hope you enjoy it.

And before anyone asks – no, don’t worry. I’m not considering becoming a poet full-time or anything, so you can all relax on that score.

Trust me, I'm a President. There ain't gonna be no more poetry. Image: blogs.psychcentral.com

Trust me, I’m a President. There ain’t gonna be no more poetry.
Image: blogs.psychcentral.com

It’s Friday, and the sun is shining here, and I’m about to get stuck into another bunch of words. I hope your day is looking good, and that your weekend is shaping up to be a good one. And if anyone wants to send me some Tumblr tips, you know, feel free!



7 thoughts on “Tumblin’

  1. susanlanigan

    I totally get you about technology shortening one’s temper – I’ve been trying for well over a week to make a youtube clip and the logistics have constantly conspired against me – but thank heaven I think I’m almost there now…

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      Good! I’m glad to hear someone is finally making some headway with all this newfangled-ness… I’ve only really learned recently how short my temper truly is. Technology is turning us all into the Incredible Hulk, I think! 😀

      1. susanlanigan

        I *really* want to get this fundraiser for a short story competition up and running, and I’m so close to getting this video done! Cross your fingers that I’ll manage it today…:)

      2. SJ O'Hart Post author

        Ooo! Cool. That sounds exciting! If I can help with anything, shoot me an email. I’m useless with YouTube but if I can help with promotion or anything, let me know. 🙂

  2. Kate Curtis

    Ok. On topic. Does anyone else have formatting issues with WordPress?

    Me: Hmmm, I think I’ll have an extra space there *hits enter again* *clicks save*
    WP: *extra space vanishes*
    Me: No! I WANT an extra space there *alters to text format* *Clicks save*
    WP: *removes extra space*
    Me: What? *alters to visual format* I need that space! *clicks save*
    WP: *exudes a vibe of smugness*
    Me: Argh!!!! *imagines throwing my computer out of my imaginary penthouse window and watching it dive into my imaginary pool* *submits post anyway* *goes to make a cup of tea*

    *Ahem* Or something like that. 😀

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      :D!! *wipes eyes*

      I just laughed so, so loudly…

      That is me. Every. Single. Day.

      And that’s exactly the problem I had with Tumblr, too – I wanted an extra line between the stanzas of my poem (not to harp on about it again) – it put one in, but refused to allow me the other. Lopsided stanzas are *so* not cool.

      I, too, threw my computer out of my imaginary window, watched it bounce off all the imaginary balconies beneath my own elegantly appointed suite, and smash on the exquisitely tiled mosaic of my own face that edges the infinity pool, also imaginary. *sigh*

      Tea sounds good. I’ll put the kettle on for everyone, shall I? Good.


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