Daily Archives: September 16, 2013

A Post from the Other Side…

Well. From the other side of the country, at least.

You can put it away now, love. Image: pinkunderbelly.com

You can put it away now, love.
Image: pinkunderbelly.com

Today’s post comes to you from far, far away. I have been spending time with my in-laws over the past few days, and so today’s missive will perforce be short; basically, I have done nothing since Friday but relax and eat excellent food. I have done no writing this past weekend (though, of course, I have done much thinking about writing, most of it at inopportune moments), and I have done quite a bit of reading – of which more in a future post, no doubt. As you read these words, I am – quite possibly – on a train, returning from said in-laws; you may imagine me reclining in luxury on the Orient Express if you so wish, but I assure you the reality is quite different.

This'd be more like it... Image: designtaxi.com

This’d be more like it…
Image: designtaxi.com

The only news I have on this happy Monday is this: I can now officially refer to myself as a professional writer, as I have (finally) earned some money from my words. Not enough to buy me much more than a good lunch, but that’s irrelevant. It’s a good feeling to know that words I laboured over and crafted and drew out of the deepest recesses of my brain have been appreciated enough to attract a financial reward. I hope it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

With that, I shall sign off for today. Normal service will resume tomorrow, when hopefully I’ll have successfully unstuck myself from the train window and I’ll be starting to get over the trauma of the journey.

Happy new week! Make the most of it, now, y’hear?