Picking up the Pen

So, today I’m facing a disappointment. I’ve had another rejection, and this time it’s a big one. I’m dealing with it the only way I know how, which is by picking up the (metaphorical) pen and continuing with what I love best.

In that spirit, here’s a wee piece of flash fiction, which also happens to be my entry for Flash! Friday for this week. It’s a tiny bit risqué, but I hope I’ll be forgiven.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off. I have a bit of picking myself up, dusting myself off and getting back on the horse to do… Happy Friday, and happy weekend.

Image: silentfilmlivemusic.blogspot.com

Image: silentfilmlivemusic.blogspot.com

A Moment on the Lips…

‘All right, Mr. Fairchild. Nearly finished.’

‘Doctor, may I ask – is it serious?’

‘Not sure, old chap. Let me just take another look at your skull. Hold still, now.’

‘My skull? But I thought -’

‘Hold still, Mr. Fairchild, please.’

‘I say! Are you quite sure you know what you’re doing?’

‘Mr. Fairchild, be reasonable. I am the preeminent authority on STDs in the country, after all.’

‘S… STDs? What on earth?’

‘Supernaturally Transmitted Diseases, sir.’

‘Of – of course. Yes. Supernatural, you say?’

‘Mmm. Just turn your head, there’s a good chap. Ah, yes – just as I thought. Definite lengthening of the earlobe, and if I’m not mistaken… Yes. A nascent protuberance.’

‘A what?’

‘You’re growing horns, Mr. Fairchild. Tell me, was it a faun? It normally is.’

‘It – what? It was just a kiss!’

‘Yes, yes. That’s what they all say. Why don’t you have a seat, old bean. You look done in.’

‘Good God. What shall I tell my wife?’

‘Oh, I should think it doesn’t matter. I give it about a week before you’re gambolling and eating grass.’

‘You can’t mean…’

‘I certainly do.’

‘Isn’t there –’

‘Anything I can do? Afraid not, old bean. Now. Will that be cash, or cheque?’



4 thoughts on “Picking up the Pen

  1. Maurice A. Barry

    Your response is the right one, even if it does not feel right at the moment. It’s just intuition (which is often wrong) getting in the way of your logical side (which, this time around, I assure you, is right). You have probably heard this before but it needs to be said anyway. “Rejection” means that your piece was not what that publisher needed at this time. That’s all. There are other publishers and other times. A voice across the ocean is siding with your logical side so it’s two against one 🙂
    Now, I’m off to gambol and graze…

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      Thank you, Maurice. It’s easy to *know* that there will be other opportunities, at other times – it’s less easy to believe it. 🙂 I’m sure I shall come through, and all will be well.

      I’m used to being outnumbered by logic (I’m married to a scientist, after all), so I’ll just carry on with the weird words, if that’s all right.

      Happy gambolling! 😀

  2. highinbrixham

    I can’t think of anything deep or erudite to say, so I will offer a heartfelt statement: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!
    For goodness’ sake, whoever they are, what do they know?
    Keep going. You’re a terrific wordsmith.

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      Thank you so very much. You can’t imagine how much it means to hear that. 😀

      I love your writing, too! We CAKErs are a talented bunch. I hope to be back in fightin’ form next week and that I’ll be able to join in the fun again.

      Thanks so much. Really. *hug*


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