It’s the Apocalypse! (But it’s not all bad…)

Image: Nuclear Winter Recon, CC Photo by Paul Hocksenar, sourced via

Image: Nuclear Winter Recon, CC Photo by Paul Hocksenar, sourced via


The Elders said this day would come. As he tended their tanks, monitoring their cryo-levels and checking their blood purity, he thought of their words: EVENTUALLY, THEY WILL DESTROY THEMSELVES. WHEN THEY DO, WE WILL BE WAITING.

Over generations, the creatures of the blue planet had revelled in their own filth. Again and again, The Elders thought their time had come, but they were thwarted; some of the creatures fought, hard, against the dying of their planet.

But they knew – they all knew – it was doomed from the start.

Then, nuclear war had wiped the blue planet white, and The Elders had begun their long wait for it to heal. In their circling ship, they watched in semi-stasis.

GO, they finally told him. MAKE THE WAY FOR US.

And so he walked once-Earth’s surface, testing every inch. Finally, he removed his mask and faced the yellow sun, breathing the air of a free world. Yes. They would be happy here.



So much for the ‘apocalypse’ of today’s title; now, what about the ‘it’s not all bad’ part? Well, work on my newest WiP went rather okay yesterday. I ripped the story back to its last ‘good’ place, like it was a knitting pattern, and reworked from there. I’m not sure what effect the changes I made will have on the story as it goes forward – for, like dropping a stone into a pool, every tiny change has huge repercussions and echoes – but I hope it will be for the best. Wish me luck as I step into the unknown today! Oh, and happy Friday, while I have you here. Try to take care of your little bit of still-Earth, while we have it.

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