A Note, on a Stressful Monday

By all accounts, today has been – and will continue to be – a challenge.

Firstly, my husband has gone on a work-related trip.

Secondly, spiders have taken over my house, and my only weapon against them – the vacuum cleaner with a pair of old tights stretched over the intake pipe – is banjaxed. (This may be because I accidentally hoovered up a pair of tights while trying to catch a spider, but I can neither confirm nor deny such rumours).

Thirdly, I was supposed to begin the second pass of edits on Emmeline today, but chances are high it won’t happen now. Because…

…fourthly, and most importantly, one of my dearly loved family members has been taken to hospital with a serious illness, and I am waiting anxiously for news.

If you’re the praying type, please remember my family in your petitions today. If you’re not, a handful of good vibes strewn in the wind will do instead.

And I hope you’ll be able to forgive me for not posting a proper blog today. For all these reasons, some more than others of course, I am not in the right place to do it justice.

So, here’s a photo of a tiny baby hedgehog in what looks to be a purple toilet roll holder for your enjoyment instead. It brought a bit of levity to an otherwise stressful morning for me, at least. I hope it’ll do the same for you.

I hope to be able to talk to you tomorrow; until then, may all go well for you and yours.

8 thoughts on “A Note, on a Stressful Monday

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      I’ll take the wishes and prayers, and if the cake is vegan I’ll have an extra-big slice… Thanks, Kate. He’s still with us today. We’re so grateful. xx

  1. elainepeters5

    I do hope your relation will be OK. It’s a bit late now, but if tomorrow is a lovely day take yourself off for a long walk by the canal – just give yourself a bit of time out. By the way, love the hedgehog, can I adopt him? E

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      Thanks, Elaine. Yesterday was a lovely day; I spent a little time down at the canal yesterday evening, but I didn’t see any dredgers this time (today doesn’t look as good – not yet, at least!) My uncle is still in intensive care, but we’re happy he’s here at all – thanks for your good wishes.

      And you may certainly adopt the hedgehog, so long as you give him an extra-funky name. 🙂


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