The Flashdogs Are Here!

At the weekend, the first Flashdogs Anthology was published – and I was in it.

Image copyright: Tam Rogers (, used with permission.  Image not to be reproduced without the permission of Tam Rogers.

Image copyright: Tam Rogers (, used with permission.
Image not to be reproduced without the permission of Tam Rogers.

The Flashdogs are a widely scattered bunch of writers, most of whom have never met in person. They range from the United States to Australia, stopping off at several places in between, and the anthology sprang (like all good ideas) from a ‘what if?’ conversation online.

What if we put together a showcase of our best flash fiction, as well as a story based around a prompt?

So that’s what happened. I make it sound so easy, when of course it wasn’t, I’m sure. I had nothing to do with the heroic effort involved in getting the book together (besides proofreading a fellow Flashdog’s work, as we all did), and all that was required of me was a little imagination. I certainly hope I represented myself well.

I am lucky enough to have two stories included here, both of which are in the region of 1500 words. As a result, they probably push the envelope of ‘flash’, in a sense. They are short short stories, certainly, but not the micro-fiction you might be used to seeing from me most Fridays. One story is set in a sort of post-apocalyptic world where a novel approach to sorting out a labour shortage offers up more employment opportunities than the authorities intended; the other is a scary/sweet love story about the lengths to which a husband will go to stay by his wife’s side.

The book is on sale for less than two English pounds (what is this Earth money you speak of?) and can be purchased direct from the Flashdogs website, or if you prefer to go direct to Amazon you may do so here. Every sale benefits iBbY, an international charity which supports literacy and reading among young people (and a cause close to my own personal heart), and considering how many stories are in the e-book, and what you get for your money (including Tam Rogers’ amazing artwork), the price is a bargain.

I’d like to thank the Flashdogs for counting me among their number, and giving me the opportunity to be published alongside them in this fabulous collection. Long may they run.



5 thoughts on “The Flashdogs Are Here!

  1. elainepeters5

    Congrats Sinead! And I see Elaine McKay is in there too. I have just downloaded the app and got the anthology on my ipad. Looking forward to reading the others. Happy Christmas and I wish you everything that’s good in 2015 xx

    1. SJ O'Hart Post author

      Thanks, Elaine. Yes, Elaine McKay is there too, and I can tell you her stories are amazing because I was privileged enough to proofread them for her. I really hope you enjoy all the tales, and I wish you and your dear ones all the best for Christmas and the New Year, too. Happy celebrating! xx


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