Daily Archives: January 5, 2015

‘Magic’ Monday?

There’s no denying it now. The year has started. Things are back to whatever normality they are accustomed to occupy. There are no more excuses. My inner drill sergeant is clearing his throat and getting ready to shriek, and I have no valid way of shutting him up.

Photo Credit: Defence Images via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Defence Images via Compfight cc

A shame, then, that my brain feels like it could really use another couple of weeks off, but that’s what self-discipline is for. Right? I’ve already been far too lenient in allowing myself to stay away from my WiP since before Christmas (eek!), but I refuse to feel guilty. Even though I’ve seen other writers posting on social media about how they worked through the holiday season, scribbling away until 2 a.m. every night, making the most of the break (I most assuredly did not do this), I refuse to beat myself up. Even if I spent my evenings binge-watching Game of Thrones and drooling, slightly, onto my couch.

That’s over now, though. No more drooling. Drooling is out for 2015.

It’s time to get focused once again.

I made a good start, I have to admit, by meeting up (albeit sort of accidentally) with a pair of fellow writers yesterday. We are all at different stages in the process, which made it even more interesting. One of us is shiny and fully fledged, published and all (her book is available here, in case it sounds like your kind of read), and one of us is me, of course, who’s sort of midway, and the other’s a prolific short story writer and committed writing course attendee who probably knows more about writing than I ever will, and who is just about to finish the first draft of her novel. It was great to talk to people who know how it feels to battle your way to the end of a Work-in-Progress, and to face the editing process, and who’ve stood on the precipice of rejection and lived to tell the tale. It was good for my other half, too, who got to talk to another ‘writing widower’ about how annoying… I mean, endearing, it is to watch your wife’s eyes glaze over and her mind flitter off elsewhere when you’re halfway through a conversation. It did him good to have a shoulder to cry on. I think they concocted a support group, actually, which they’re going to call the ‘Anti-Social Network’, designed to gently encourage Twitter-addicted partners to get off the internet and focus on reality. Good luck with that, guys.

In any case, though this was an excellent (and enjoyable) start to my writing life in 2015, it wasn’t quite as good as getting my backside into my writing seat and actually putting words on a page. Hopefully, I’ll get to that today, if I can channel the magic of this ‘magic’ Monday and get my mojo fired up.

And if the house cleaning, decoration removal, and general tidy-up after Christmas duties don’t snow me under first, that is…

Good luck with your own self-discipline today, whatever it is you’re getting back to after the break. I hope a productive, happy and pleasingly busy day awaits – and if there are words in it, all the better.