Howl at the Solstice – the Flashdogs are Back

The Flashdogs are back – and, once again, I’m privileged to be included among their number.

Flashdogs Solstice Light and Dark Anthologies. Image:

Flashdogs Solstice Light and Dark Anthologies.

Yesterday was Solstice Day (‘Light’ or ‘Dark’, depending on your hemisphere) and in order to celebrate this, and to celebrate the best in new flash fiction, the compilers and Giant Brains behind the first Flashdogs Anthology decided to bring out a new collection of stories. But this time they didn’t merely produce one book; they produced two.

This time around, the writers were asked to produce stories based around particular prompt images. All of them had something to do with light, or dark, endings or beginnings, life or death – and a myriad other interpretations, as defined by the observer. We were asked to bear the idea of ‘solstice’ in mind as we wrote (though encouraged to avoid cliché, so that meant a take on the Stonehenge scene from This Is Spinal Tap probably wouldn’t have been appropriate – and no bad thing, either), and invited to contribute anything between one and four stories each. I am proud to say that I have a story in each volume, one in Solstice Light and one in Solstice Dark, and they are stories I am rather proud of. As before, with the first Flashdogs Anthology (which is still available for sale here, in case you’re interested in a copy), the proceeds on all sales are being donated to charity. This time around, they’re going to The Book Bus, an amazing organisation which seeks to encourage literacy and book ownership among children in Africa, Asia and South America. So, you get over a hundred quality, well-crafted stories, and The Book Bus gets a donation, and the world becomes a better place all round. What could be better?

I want to say a huge thanks to Tam Rogers, Emily June Street, Mark A. King and David Shakes, the geniuses (genii?) behind the Flashdogs phenomenon, and to express my delight (and surprise, to be honest) that they’ve asked me to join their pack not once, but twice. It’s been a huge pleasure to support them and to take part in the anthologies, and I hope the Flashdogs’ howl is heard long and loud for many moons to come. Awooo!

Links to purchase:

Flashdogs Anthology 1

Flashdogs Anthology 2

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