Hopefully this Resources page will give you some ideas for activities you can do in order to bring my books more fully alive, either in class or in your own reading time. If you have any suggestions as to things you’d like to see here, or you have any feedback on any of the sheets or activities, please do drop me a line.

Storyfinders Forever!

Storyfinders Forever Worksheet

Resources and Activity Sheets for The Eye of the North

The O.S.C.A.R. Files

Literacy Shed Comprehension Questions on Chapter 1 of The Eye of the North

The Myths and Legends behind The Eye of the North

Northern Lights Fact Sheet

Climate Change Fact Sheet and Activities

Dog Sledding Fact Sheet and Activities

Life on the Ice: Inuit Culture

Packing Your Satchel: What Would You Bring on the Adventure of a Lifetime?

The Eye of the North Wordsearch

The Eye of the North Colouring Sheet

Resources and Activity Sheets for The Star-Spun Web

The North Strand Bombing, 1941

Alternate Realities and Other Worlds

Tunguska – The World’s Largest Impact Event

Tarantula Fact and Activity Sheet

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The Books That Made Me A Writer

In the media

You can find out a bit more about me, my publication journey, my tips for aspiring writers and which authors I’d invite to a dinner party over here.

Here I am in the Irish Times talking about my love for fantasy novels, and which ones had a particular impact on my life as a writer.

Here’s me talking to the wonderful crew of The Reading Realm about my second book, The Star-Spun Web.

And here’s a link to a fab interview I did with Middle Grade Strikes Back! If you’ve ever wanted to know what the first thing I’d buy if the film rights to my book sold for a large bag of cash, you need look no further.