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Flashdogs Anthology

So, hello everyone.

Today – as certain of you may know already – is my birthday.

Photo Credit: Aih. via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Aih. via Compfight cc

As a result, I’m giving myself the day off from blog-writing.


I wanted to share one thing with you all, which is this:

Next month, I (and a host of other flash fiction writers) will be published in an anthology of stories.

It will be called ‘Flashdogs: An Anthology.’

It’s going to be sold in aid of a fantastic charity named IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young People) which really couldn’t suit me any better, to be honest.

It will be available from Amazon for a very reasonable fee, particularly considering the quality of work included in it, and also the amount of effort which has gone into the proofing, editing and general-putting-together of the whole thing (for which I can only thank Mark and Shakes)…

…and so, if you’re looking for a present for someone you love who likes new stories, you could do worse than buy it for them, when it becomes available. (I’ll let you know when that is).

Here’s a fabulous image, created for the Flashdogs by Tam Rogers – and, just so you know, this image can’t be reproduced without her permission:

Image copyright: Tam Rogers. Used with permission.

Image copyright: Tam Rogers. Used with permission.

I’m really proud to have been asked to be a Flashdog; it’s wonderful to have your work recognised and appreciated by your peers, and it’s even more wonderful to appear in a collection of tales which showcases some of the best writers working in flash fiction today.

What makes it best of all is that the proceeds are going to a charity which works with and for literacy among the young, and whose stated aim is to bring together books and children. I couldn’t cheer for that any harder.

So, that’s it.

I’m off to drown my sorrows in dairy-free, egg-free cake, which doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, really, but I’ll make a real effort.

Have a happy Wednesday. Go and write some flash fiction, or something, and give me something to read for a change. How about it, eh? Go on, then!