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Happy Memories

Today is a very important day. It’s the day the terracotta army was uncovered in China in 1974, for instance. Did you know it’s also the day Queen Victoria opened the Royal Albert Hall in 1871? The Battle of Towton made Edward of York into King Edward IV on this day in 1461. As well as all that, it is (in Christianity, at least) Good Friday, a day which had huge psychological value for me as a child (I was a very weird kid.) It’s a day off work here in Ireland. It’s a day when people tend to go off the rails with drink, which they’ve purchased on Holy Thursday because the sale of alcohol is illegal on Good Friday in this country, and all the pubs are shut. It’s a day when people of my parents’ generation observe a day of fasting, and when they feel free to grumble to anyone who’ll listen that ‘a day without stuffin’ yerself never did me any harm, and it’ll do you no harm either.’

Today is all of those things. It’s also my wedding anniversary.

Image: losangelesmystery.com

Image: losangelesmystery.com

We’re having (as I’ve mentioned!) a very cold March here, but the year we got married the sun split the sky. Our wedding guests wore sunglasses, and at least one person had to make an emergency dash to the chemist’s to pick up an economy-sized bottle of sun lotion. It helped everyone (including the bride and groom!) to have a wonderful day. I’ll never forget the sight of half our wedding party sitting out on the sun terrace of the hotel, enjoying some drinks and snacks, as well as friendly banter, al fresco. In March. In Ireland. It was quite something.

Of course, Easter being a moveable feast, our wedding didn’t coincide with Good Friday (or Holy Thursday, as it would’ve been) the year we got married. That would’ve been no fun at all. We’d have had to get married in a cavernous, dark, empty church, and there’d have been no priest there because we couldn’t have had Mass. We might have got away with having a proper wedding reception (and by ‘proper’, of course, I mean ‘one at which alcohol was served’, because that’s usually all that matters to an Irish crowd). But, overall, it would have been a weird day.

We chose March 29 as our wedding day because the first day we met was on March 28 – at another wedding. My husband and I had always had friends in common, but we’d never managed to actually meet one another until two of those mutual friends decided to get married. So, at that momentous gathering, we finally got to run into one another, after years of wondering if our friends were ever going to introduce us. It wasn’t quite ‘and the rest is history’; it took us a little while to get our act together. But in any case, when it came time for us to consider our own wedding, we didn’t want to hijack our friends’ day of March 28, so we went for the next best thing.

I feel very lucky and blessed in my husband; he is a wonderful and kind man, and the best husband anyone could wish for. Today is a day to remember that we have a lot to be thankful for, as a couple and as a family unit, not least of which is the fact that we have a huge group of friends and family who love and support us. I know I am a lucky woman to have such good memories of my wedding day, when everything (including the weather) was perfect, and when so many people took the time to spend our special day with us. Those memories, filled with sunshine and laughter, help to remind me – and my husband, too – of how wonderful a thing it is to be surrounded with love, and how grateful we should always be for it.

Happy Friday – and I hope it’s the start of a wonderful weekend for you all.

A Special Day

Today’s my parents’ wedding anniversary – I won’t say how many years of wedded bliss they’ve shared, lest they be embarrassed!  It’s a wonderful thing to know your parents are as happy now – perhaps happier, even – to be married to one another as they were on their wedding day.

My parents are beautiful people individually, but when you put them together they’re something else entirely; they fit together so well that, looking at them, you just know they were made to be together.  They still have the playful joy of their youth, and they’ve never forgotten that the most important thing they can do together is laugh.  Like every family, ours has had its share of ups and downs, but the strongest memory I have of my parents and our home is that it was always filled with love and laughter.  It’s a great lesson to take into my own married life, which is still in its infancy.  If my husband and I can be as happy as far into our shared life as my parents are in theirs, I’ll consider our marriage to be a roaring success!  However, it’s not always easy to remember to put happiness and love at the centre of your family life, so I’m grateful to my parents for showing me how important it is.  As a child, I always knew that I was loved unconditionally, and I was told as much every day.  No matter how hard things were in school, or university, or work, or wherever, I knew all I had to do was call home and I’d be listened to, supported and helped.  While we may have gone through hard times, happiness was never far away – one or other of my parents could be relied upon to make a joke about something, and we’d forget our trouble.  All our family photos from my younger days (except the ones where my brother or myself, or both of us together, were going through a ‘moody teenager’ phase), show us having such a good time that, even now, the happiness seeps out of the image.  I have such wonderful memories of my childhood, and I’m so grateful to my parents for giving us everything they could – and by that I mean they gave us every ounce of their effort, every second of their time and every last drop of their love.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a childhood like this, and I’m so thankful for mine.

So, Happy Anniversary to my parents – I hope, very dearly, that they’ll have many more ahead!

I hope you’re having a restful Sunday, whatever it is you’re doing.  My schedule is going to be a bit out of kilter for the next few days, so my blogging may be a little erratic – but bear with me.  Hopefully, by Wednesday, I’ll be back on track again!