Upper Middle Grade Books (Readers 8+)

Cover Art: Manuel Sumberac


Myth and magic combine in this unforgettable adventure drawing on Irish folklore, from award-winning author Sinéad O’Hart.

The seandraiocht – the Old Magic – isn’t remembered like it once was. Its power is fading…

When Rose is entrusted with a powerful stone by a Frost Giant, she is swept into an adventure full of danger. The stone can be used for great good or great evil, depending on its keeper. It leads Rose to discover the magic that runs through all of Ireland. A magic that is threaded together beneath the land: the Silver Road. But the Silver Road is under threat.

Now Rose must keep the stone from falling into the wrong hands and embark on a quest to find its rightful owner and keep the magic alive . . .

A stunning new fantasy adventure for children, drawing on Celtic folklore. Perfect for fans of Catherine Doyle and Ross Montgomery.

Coming September 28th, 2023 from Piccadilly Press! To preorder, click on the book title (above).


Sunday Times (Ireland Edition) Children’s Book of the Week

Dubray Books Recommended Read (Children’s Book of the Month, 9+), February 2023

BookCentre Group Children’s Book of the Month, March 2023

Cover image for The Time Tider designed by Sophie Bransby and illustrated by Abigail Dela Cruz


Mara and her dad have lived in their van for as long as she can remember. Whatever her father does to scrape a living has kept them constantly moving and Mara has never questioned it. That is until she uncovers a collection of notes addressed to ‘the Tider’, an individual responsible for harvesting lost time from people whose lives were cut short.

But before Mara can question her father he is taken by a dangerous group who want to use his power for evil. With the very fabric of time and space at stake, it’s down to Mara and her new friend Jan to find him before it’s too late…

A fast-paced, time bending adventure perfect for fans of A WRINKLE IN TIME, THE SECRET KEEPERS and SKY SONG.

Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
ISBN: 9781788953306

Available now from all good bookshops and/or online retailers, or click the links below:

Purchase THE TIME TIDER from The Campus Bookshop (University Books)

Purchase THE TIME TIDER from Halfway Up the Stairs Bookshop

Purchase THE TIME TIDER from Wonderland Bookshop

Purchase THE TIME TIDER from Waterstones

Purchase THE TIME TIDER from Amazon (UK)


Longlisted for the Shropshire Bookfest Big Book Award 2022

SKYBORN, published by Little Tiger Press, 2021. Cover artist: Sara Mulvanny. Cover designer: Sophie Bransby

It’s rare, my friends, to come across a talent so incandescent as the one you’re about to see. You think you’ve seen performers in the air? You think you’ve seen artists on the trapeze? Prepare yourselves for skill beyond compare. Without further ado, I present to you the young man known only as… The Skyborn Boy!

The circus has seen better days, but for Bastjan it’s home. He will do anything he can to save it, even if it means participating in a death-defying new act. But when that fails to draw in the crowds, the ringmaster makes a deal with a mysterious man by the name of Dr Bauer.

In exchange for his help, Bauer wants a box that belonged to Bastjan’s mother and came from her birthplace – the faraway island of Melita. Bastjan is desperate to keep his only memento of his mother out of Bauer’s hands. And as he uncovers more about the strange objects contained within, he realizes it’s not only the circus that’s in terrible danger…

SKYBORN is available with a signed bookplate (for a limited time) via The Rocketship Bookshop (UK) or Halfway Up the Stairs bookshop (Ireland)

Skyborn is also available via:


Blackwells Books


Dubray Books

The Gutter Bookshop

The Campus Bookshop

Or, of course, through your favourite local bookshop or online retailer.


Blackwell’s Children’s Book of the Month (February 2019)

A Books For Topics Book of the Month (February 2019)

Longlisted for the UK Literacy Association (UKLA) Book Award 2020

Nominated for the Cartwheel Book Prize 2021

Shortlisted for the KPMG Children’s Books Ireland Award 2020

The Star-Spun Web Front Cover
Front cover of The Star-Spun Web, art by Sara Mulvanny, designed by Sophie Bransby, published by Stripes Books February 2019.

Tess de Sousa has lived all her life in the confines of Ackerbee’s Home for Lost and Foundlings, knowing nothing about her origins. That is, until the day a mysterious man named Norton F. Cleat comes calling, seeking to take her away from everyone and everything she knows and loves. Instead of fleeing from Cleat, however, Tess decides to go with him; she wants to get to the bottom of why he chose her, of all orphans, to claim as his own. Does he know something about her parents? And what is his interest in the inexplicable object Tess is given the day she leaves Ackerbee’s – an object, she learns, which arrived with her the night she was found on the Home’s front step? What unfolds is a story of family lost and found, choices which ripple in unexpected and unimaginable ways, and a girl who finds herself caught between two worlds with war on the horizon…

The Star-Spun Web is available via:



WH Smith

Blackwells Books


Or, of course, through your local bookshop or your favourite online retailer.


Winner of the European Science Fiction Society Chrysalis Award 2018 (Ireland)

Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week (February 2018)

Longlisted for the Northern Ireland Book Award (NIBA) 2019

Longlisted for the Dudley Children’s Book Award (2019)

Inaugural #PrimarySchoolBookClub Book of the Month (March 2018)

Cover image for THE EYE OF THE NORTH, US/Canada edition (Knopf BFYR, 2017), artist Jeff Nentrup.

Emmeline Widget has never left Widget Manor – and that’s the way she likes it. But when her scientist parents mysteriously disappear, she finds herself being packed off on a ship to France, heading for a safe house in Paris. Onboard she is befriended by an urchin stowaway called Thing. But before she can reach her destination she is kidnapped by the sinister Dr Siegfried Bauer.

Dr Bauer is bound for the ice fields of Greenland to summon a legendary monster from the deep. And he isn’t the only one determined to unleash the creature. The Northwitch has laid claim to the beast, too.

Can Emmeline and Thing stop their fiendish plans and save the world?
A dazzling fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of ROOFTOPPERS, THE UNCOMMONERS and A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.

The Eye of the North is available via:



WH Smith


Blackwells Books

Or via your favourite bricks-and-mortar or online retailer.

THE EYE OF THE NORTH front cover, UK edition (Stripes Publishing, 2018), artist Sara Mulvanny, designer Sophie Bransby

Lower Middle Grade Books (Readers 5+)


The cover of The Ravens’ Call, illustrated by Maria Brzozowska, photograph (c) Maria Brzozowska 2020

Alys is Apprentice Ravenkeeper, living near the Rookery Tower with her father. When Alys’s ravens begin to turn white, she knows they’re trying to tell her something important – the kingdom must be in danger. Can she reach the King in time to pass on the warning in the Ravens’ Call?

A Lime Plus Banded Reader from Harper Collins Children’s Books, as part of their Big Cat reading series, The Ravens’ Call was published in January 2021. Its beautiful cover illustration, and illustrations throughout, are by Maria Brzozowska.

Click HERE to access the Harper Collins website to learn more about The Ravens’ Call and/or to purchase it. It’s also available via Waterstones, or any book retail outlet of your choice.




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